Welcome to Table Time. This family bundle's theme is EAT, PLAY, LOVE. Gathering at the table as a family may have become less of a priority in the fast, busy world we live in, but we are here to help you put it right back at the centre. 'Table Time' offers a unique and powerful opportunity for families. The table is a place not just to share meals and discover food but to build connections, to communicate and to have a whole load of fun playing.

Spending time together at the table can be a game-changer for families. Excited?! You should be. 

Our 'Table Time' bundle gives you fabulous activities, ideas, inspiration and a whole lot more to get your family round the table and reaping the benefits for family life.

You can preview the video workshop that is included in the bundle in the snippet above. Our expert Rich demonstrates a yummy 3 course feast you can make with your family.


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