EXPLORE. This bundle is all about discovery and adventure, it’s going to be huge fun. We have Forest School Leader, Lucy Hazell on board leading some brilliant family workshops. From den building, to urban adventures, to exploring your senses and baking up a storm. We have it covered. Grab your nearest and dearest, your compass and backpack (not essential but fun!) and get stuck in. Every day is an adventure after all.

Want to know exactly what is included? Have a read below ...

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As always this family bundle is packed with ideas, activities and inspiration to get you enjoying family life and connecting as a family. Here are the specifics:

  • THREE video workshops with wonderful forest school leader Lucy Hazell. She takes your family on three outdoor adventures ... teaching you how to den build, create fairy houses and do Hapa Zome outdoor art AND discover the power of a 'secret spot'. These are huge fun.

Sounds great ... what else?

  • Explore world music with our awesome family playlist.
  • Urban scavenger hunt. Adventures can happen in towns and cities too. We have two different scavenger hunts to take into your urban area and get discovering. There is one for the smaller ones and a more grown up version. Why not split into teams or join up with another family? On your marks, get set... GO!!
  • Explore teatime treats from around the UK. It’s time to dig out the aprons and dust off the scales. We have four teatime treats from around the UK for you to bake. Are you a Welsh Cake fan or does a mini Victoria Sponge take your fancy? Try each of our bakes and see if you end up with a new family favourite.
  • Our usual 'list of 10' ... in this bundle it features 10 fabulous games for playing outside. Featuring 'leafy lunch', 'taget point', 'cloud art' and seven more.
  • 'Flying by the seat of your pants' section, featuring 5 brilliant activities for when you are on the go (or when you just need 5 minutes peace!).
  • 'The Positive Place' section fully explains 'secret spots' and how they can be a wonderful tool for calm.
  • 'Heads Up' section. Brilliant ideas of places to go and taking the explore theme to a whole new level.
  • 'Time Out' section. This is a place purely for the grown-ups. This time we hand over to the psychotherapist Victoria Griffith-Jones for some brilliant advice.

Sound good? Oh good! 



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