Starting school signifies a pretty big shift in family life. The logistics, the practicalities but most of all the change in dynamics. The shift and change can be far gentler for everyone if you get a ‘heads up’ on the demands school will have on your little one and learn how to understand, anticipate and meet their needs. We are here to help!

So what do we actually get? have a read below ...


In our school edition, we have provided you with a guide for before school, after school and bedtime. Each section gives you a practical set of ideas to ease worry, maintain and build connection with your little one and make starting school as exciting and enjoyable as possible for all of you.

  • BEFORE SCHOOL. Tools include .. the 'going to shool rap', 'pocket kisses', 'star breathing' and more.
  • The best breakfast recipes to set your little one up for the day.
  • AFTER SCHOOL. The best 'pick ups' at pick up. From after school snack recipes to top tips for managing their tiredness and learning about their day,
  • BEDTIME. How to make this into the BEST time of day for your family and help them get a fabulous nights sleep.
  • Night time natter template. Helping you learn the best way to chat to your little one about their day and ease any worries or anxieties. 
  • THREE video workshops showcasing our fabulous massage techniqes to soothe your child at bedtime and re-connect after a busy day.

Wishing you huge luck for September 😊  


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