CREATE. So many possibilities with this little word. Whether you are hugely imaginative or a little intimidated by being creative, this bundle is packed full of ideas and inspiration to get you going. It’s not about the end result looking incredible, it’s about having fun and enjoying the process. We have the fantastic artist Jen Leonard with us on this one leading you in the family workshops and showcasing how to make paper plate portraits, monster houses, and robot faces, just with paper and a pen! 

See below to find out exactly what is included. 

BEST TIME OF YEAR TO BUY THIS ONE? This one is perfect for any season.


As always this family bundle is packed with ideas, activities and inspiration to get you enjoying family life and connecting as a family. Here are the specifics:

  • FOUR (you get a bonus one in this bundle!) video workshops with talented London-based artist Jenny Leonard. She will get you and your family doing brilliant interactive art which is huge fun and very simple.

Sounds great ...  what else?

  • Play dough making for the little ones with great guidance on how to encourage sensory play from our early years expert.
  • A family scrapbook template full of cut-outs and funky design. A brilliant pack for recording memories of special family time in an original way. 
  • Our regular funky playlist.
  • The 'Create' List of 10. 10 more ideas and instructions for creative ideas which are simple but very effective. Think homemade spray-can art, marshmallow sculpting and more.
  • 'Flying by the seat of your pants' section ... quick 5 minute activities which require little or no prep. 
  • 'Heads Up' ... Great ideas for things to do out and about with the theme 'CREATE' in mind.
  • A ‘Time Out’ for parents. You need time just for you. 
  • 'The Positive Place'. Our section for helping boost your family's positivity. In this bundle it is all about practising gratitude. The impact can be incredible.


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